Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hello World!!

Welcome to the Young Guides Blog! We're all starting to get prepared for winter but as jack frost hasn't arrived quite so early this year here are some pictures from last season to get us watching the forecasts.

 Jake Philips on the Icefall finish to Window Gully on Great End, Lakes
 Jake on the Aonach Eagach Ridge in full winter conditions

 Alex Moran burning up the second pitch of Babylon and crux pitch of Gargoyle Wall

 Alex, charming and as relaxed as ever on Orion Face Direct, Ben Nevis

 Francis Blunt on the crux of Sticil Face, Shelterstone, N.Cairngorms

Francis on Cambridge Crag, Langdales

 Neil Philips powering up the final bulge of Umbrella Falls, Liathach, Torridon

 Neil and raised foot prints on the South slopes of Liathach, Torridon

Hopefully winter will be arriving at the end of this week  :)  !!

Bit of poetry

 To be read in a slow, deep booming Gandalf like voice...

We come from Shefield via Gwynedd, from Birmingham and Northumberland
From the Dales, the Peak, the Lakes and Loch Carron
All by now putting our winter fleeces on, growing our man hair, sharpening our weapons, and nikwaxing our bright waterproofs
For winter is on the cusp,
Soon we'll make our way towards the heights of Alba, up thy M6, M8, M9, A9 and A84
And there in our various safe havens of warmth and shelter we'll wait...

For bits of rock to be ice encrusted, mountains clothed in great rivers of what must be ice... oh please can this winter be great.

 Ramblings of a winter bum by Francis Blunt

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