Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rjukan Ice Climbing

I was meant to post this after I got back but have been mega busy!!  First trip to Rjukan done and definitely not the last, amazing place.  Luckily Matt and myself had Grandfather Dave and Edd to show us around which is always good in a new place.
There is obviously a very good guidebook and a lot of information on the web but I thought I would just share a couple of our 'top tips' if you are heading out there for the first time (next year now).

Edd, Matt & Myself

Trapfoss, brilliant route

Dave cranking

The little dots at the bottom are us, these waterfalls line the valley

Matt top roping at Kroken

I packed for everything, from rain to extreme cold but most days I found myself wearing softshells and having a light jacket to belay in (Nano Puff).  However speaking to Sandy and Rob who were there working, the week previous was extremely cold, down to minus 20 so definitely worth packing for everything.  We flew with Ryanair to Oslo Torp (Sandefjord) who are renowned for taking your money!!  So I got the lightest bag I could find (as the bag can lose you a couple of kilo's) and weighed it before I got to the airport.  We each had 15kg and the 10kg hand baggage, I wore my boots (Phantom Guides) and down jacket through check in.  We all took abit of food, tea, coffee etc... when I go again and there is a few of us I will be buying an extra 15kg bag just for food as reckon this would work out cheaper between you rather, than buying all the food in country, excluding the fresh stuff.
We hired a Ford Fiesta from 'Sixt' which was big enough for four people and only used one tank for the whole trip.  One week after returning I did however receive a random receipt from 'Sixt' for an additional driver fee which we did have, but I presumed we had paid for this when I received an email thanking me for paying the full amount, so that is worth bearing in mind, apart from that it was the cheapest rental company I found at the time.

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