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Information & Prices for 
Summer Rock Climbing & Mountaineering

Single Pitch Climbing & Skills

1:1- £160
1:2- £180
1:3- £200
1:4 to 1:6- £200

Multi-Pitch Climbing/ Guiding & Instruction

1:1- £160
1:2- £160

Scrambling & Mountaineering/ Guiding & Instruction

1:1- £160
1:2- £180
1:3- £200

Mountain Navigation & ML Refresher Courses

1:1- £140
1:2- £160
1:3 to 1:6 - £180

What Can We Offer You?

  • Take Me Climbing! No previous experience is necessary to get out on rock, we will make sure you have a great days out climbing and come away with what you need.  To have fun is obligatory.
  • Indoors To Outdoors If you’re an indoor regular and are craving the move outside.

Your experiences gained whilst climbing indoors will jump start a climbing career outdoors and we’d hope to help you capitalise. 
  • Hard Skills You are a climber already but have skills that you’d like to expand on, for example your rope-work, belays, rescue scenario’s etc...

In other words...So you think you’re a Jedi master already!... but think a short blast of contact with a professional is what could help unlock your next step in your climbing journey!
  • Learn To lead “Climb when you are ready!”- “Ok here I go!” You feel that the time is right to get on the sharp end! Everyone has the potential to be a leader and we’ll introduce you safely.

Our mission will be to help you become an independent confident climber!
  • Guided Classic Routes Sign up for a big mountain route in the Uk’s many mountain ranges or coastal playgrounds.  Know what you’re after or not? We have ideas and suggestions should you need them.
  • Multi-Pitch Madness You’ve got experience under your belt of climbing on single pitch crags and want to get stuck into bigger/badder multi-pitch routes... and learn the necessary skills that go along with such an adventure.
  • Accessing/Experience the Mountains- You would like an adventurous day/s in the mountains either scrambling or even the Welsh 3000s, learning new or improving skills such as navigation.

Almost Home Delivery, Like Asda!

We instructors try to base our selves near some rock so you’ll find we’re conveniently located in the North West of England, North Wales, Peak District and in many areas of Scotland. 

As climbers we are very lucky to have access to so much rock on such a small island and all within a day’s drive.  Therefore if you have a particular route or scramble that you would like to do then please get in touch to discuss arrangements. 

We’re The Real Thing!

All instructors are full members of the 'Association of Mountaineering Instructors' and hold public liability insurance for all of the above activities.

What the British Mountaineering Council have to say...

“The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions”